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Our company was founded in 1943 by Adelmo Carloni, a pioneer in tire-retreading techniques for industrial use. In his almost 50 years of commitment to retreading, and with his passion for the development of original machinery and processing methods, he inspired us to become one of the most important retreading companies both in Italy as well as in Europe.



"Our story inspires us as we continue to innovate so we can offer our customers the best solutions"


Tire retreading is a virtuous example of circular economy thanks to its sustainable industrial process. By recovering the tire carcass at the end of its first lifecycle, we avoid the consumption of tons of raw materials (fuel, steel, additives) and the emission into the atmosphere of as much carbon dioxide, as well as reducing the amount of waste in landfills.

We work daily towards the refinement of our procedures and the improvement of our product so as to ensure its safety. For this purpose the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification: 2015 and the homologation of our products as per regulation ECE 109 are only the starting point of our work: to be able to offer our customers a retreaded tire that gives the same guarantees as the new product in terms of reliability, safety and mileage.

Tire retreading gives our customers the tool they need to make full use of the cost-effective investment in new tires, the structural qualities of which remains even after the original tread has been worn. The carcass in fact represents about 70% of the total value of the tire, and with retreading it can be restored to new life, with a limited expense. That’s why we are constantly looking out for solutions to improve the efficiency of our production and distribution processes: our goal is to be able to offer our customers a price of retreading that allows them to recover costs in the management of their business.


Our love for Umbria, led us to develop projects that could not only support the quality of its products, but also its history, art and design.

In 2022 Carloni started working in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia. This is a brand new challenge to explore the close link between the artistic potential of Carloni’s craftsmanship and the talents of the young arts students.


With a look towards the future, we at Carloni have decided to renew our Brand Identity. We want to share our new values and our offer in a new way and to tell the company’s history, alongside all the new and important changes.

The idea behind our new motto (pay-off) “Take your tire further”, is to go beyond. It refers to retreading that gives new value to the tire, both by saving and investing in a sustainable product. This concept is also underlined by introducing the color green in our logo. Our logo encloses the concept of the tire and the tread design, furthermore its simple, round shape is inspired by the circular economy.


From 1943 to 2022

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Behind every great product there are always great craftmen.

Over the years Carloni invested in the craftsmanship of our employees thanks training, team building experiences and participation in important trade fairs and industry events, both national and international. Our team is ready to guide and support you in your choice: from initial counseling to after-sales assistance.