Cold reprocessed tires with the profile of PrecurePro Goodyear

In addition to its standard range of pre-printed sections, Carloni offers its customers “Precure Pro by Goodyear.” The catalog displays a variety of sizes and designs for all applications.

Contact our sales department for more information or technical advice.

On this page you can view the list of dimensions and accompanying drawings of all the tires we retread, with pre-printed profiles from PrecurePro by Goodyear. Using the search bar, you can filter the catalog or sort the columns.


VGY19.5"425/55-19.5SP 252lineare€ 450,00
VGY19.5"435/50-19.5SP 252lineare€ 440,00
VGY19.5"445/45-19.5SP 252lineare€ 450,00
VGY20"12.00-20MSDtrattivo€ 405,00
VGY22.5"12-22.5MSDtrattivo€ 450,00
VGY22.5"12-22.5RHD IItrattivo€ 430,00
VGY22.5"13-22.5MSDtrattivo€ 425,00
VGY22.5"13-22.5MSD IItrattivo€ 440,00
VGY22.5"13-22.5ORDtrattivo€ 460,00
VGY22.5"275/70-22.5SP 531trattivo€ 370,00
VGY22.5"275/70-22.5SP 741trattivo€ 360,00
VGY22.5"295/60-22.5LHD IItrattivo€ 480,00
VGY22.5"295/80-22.5RHD IItrattivo€ 430,00
VGY22.5"295/80-22.5RHS IIlineare€ 425,00
VGY22.5"295/80-22.5SP 531trattivo€ 430,00
VGY22.5"295/80-22.5SP 741trattivo€ 410,00
VGY22.5"315/60-22.5LHD IItrattivo€ 530,00
VGY22.5"315/70-22.5LHD IItrattivo€ 440,00
VGY22.5"315/70-22.5RHD IItrattivo€ 440,00
VGY22.5"315/70-22.5WTDtrattivo€ 460,00
VGY22.5"315/80-22.5MSDtrattivo€ 460,00
VGY22.5"315/80-22.5MSD IItrattivo€ 460,00
VGY22.5"315/80-22.5RHD IItrattivo€ 440,00
VGY22.5"315/80-22.5RHS IIlineare€ 430,00
VGY22.5"315/80-22.5WTDtrattivo€ 460,00
VGY22.5"385/55-22.5SP 252lineare€ 440,00
VGY22.5"385/65-22.5MSTlineare€ 420,00
VGY22.5"385/65-22.5SP 252lineare€ 400,00
VGY22.5"425/65-22.5SP 252lineare€ 450,00
VGY22.5"445/65-22.5SP 252lineare€ 460,00
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