Earthmover tires

Earthmover tires

Our core business in the the sale and retreading of earthmover and industrial tires , loaders, dumpers, graders and scrapers, and also handling machines like cranes. These vehicles are used in large infrastructures construction sites (roads, bridges, tunnels etc.), quarries for the extraction of inert materials (stone, gravel and the like), coal and copper mines, etc.

and in all cases where heavy loads of materials need to be handled on uneven soils, such as in the case of steelworks, glassworks, cement plants, waste disposal sites, plants for the production of concrete etc. Handling machines are vehicles used where it is necessary to move containers: in ports unloading container ships and moving containers ashore, or unloading containers from freight trains for moving on trucks.

Our products

OTR tires

Earthmover tires (also called OTR), are hot-retreaded in moulds with the most advanced technologies. Our mould selection allows us to offer the market a wide range of designs in the most requested sizes.

When a specific mould is not available, we can retread tires of any size thanks to the vulcanization in autoclave, accordingly to the customer’s request in terms of pattern and tread depth.

Why retreading?

"Providing our customers top quality new tires is our first step towards getting a high-quality casing we can successfully retread in the future."

This statement is at the base of the long collaboration with international brands such as Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone.

In recent years, after carefully evaluating other secondary manufacturers in terms of retreadability and quality of their tires, we started to consider also less expensive but equally reliable brands. Among our many Italian customers we count steel plants, large cement producers and many quarries and mines, which have been trusting us for decades.