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Retreaded TBR

Our plant produces retreaded tires for any kind of truck for both local transport and long distances hauling.
We specialize in tires for construction vehicles due to the proximity with our OTR business.

Carloni offers a wide assortment of moulds, studied with care to improve performances and protect the casing. The casing is buffed and repaired, if necessary, then an extruded rubber compound is applied on it to reach the specific tread depth for each pattern in the thickness characterizing the design. Hot curing, or vulcanization, gives the right elastic and mechanical features to the new tread of the tire.

Carloni also provides the retreading system with premoulded bands that allows for greater production flexibility. Thanks to an autoclave vulcanization process at a temperature of 95°-115°, the newly-applied band becomes a single body with the tire casing and a whole new life cycle for tires begins!

New tires
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"Providing our customers top quality new tires is our first step towards getting a high-quality casing we can successfully retread in the future." 

Our company has been growing constantly working with our local partners distributors and selected customers. In recent years, TBR multi-brand truck tyre sales have almost tripled. Our experience in the choice of partners, and the BULK purchase from major manufacturers, allows our customers to achieve maximum satisfaction at the best market conditions. We also deal with international brands such as:

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