The company


Our company was founded in 1943 on the initiative of Adelmo Carloni, a pioneer of reprocessing techniques for industrial tires. His fifty years of work in tire reprocessing, and his dedication to developing machinery equipment, have allowed us to become one of the most important tire reprocessing companies in Europe.

Despite the challenges of an ever-changing and unpredictable market, the company is today continuing its path of growth and now employs about 90 employees, including technical specialists, commercial staff and administrative staff.

Our main focus is quality, which is why we have received the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate from TUV CERT, showing that our products meet the provision ECE 109 R-000117th.

This stipulates that reprocessed tires for trucks, in test situations, offer the same quality as new tires in terms of reliability, safety and longevity.

Since its founding in 1943, our company has gathered a lot of experience in tire reprocessing for industrial vehicles and construction machinery.

Our goal now is to maintain our position in the market and to consolidate, in the following ways:

Improving the quality and safety of our product:
our daily work will refine our methods and improve the performance of our product to ensure your safety. For this reason, the certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 and the approval of our products in accordance with the rule ECE 109 is only the starting point towards our long-term goal of offering our customers high-quality retreaded tires, with the same guarantees as new tires in terms of reliability, safety and mileage.

Creating conditions that save our customers money:
Tire retreading offers our customers the opportunity to invest in new tires whose structural characteristics are retained even after the original tread has been used up.
The carcass turns in about 70% of the total value of the tire; retreading can give this backbone new life at a low cost. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our production and distribution processes. Our goal is to reprocess tires at a price that allows the customer to save money.

Our team

Every day, our employees strive to ensure the highest quality products and services to customers of Carloni.

Using our internal logistics and courier services, we have a distribution network that can satisfy all the needs of our Italian customers; furthermore, our sales office in Bastia Umbra (PG) has been meeting the needs of our customers throughout Eurpoe for years.

For any kind of information you can contact our sales office. One of our staff will answer you immediately.

Our sales office “Pneustation” saves customers‘ time by directly providing our customers with equipment and qualified personnel.

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